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Hi Michelle! What a fun collection of photos, it really captures the spirit of the competition. Knowing first hand what went into this fabulous pattern, I'm amazed at your skill, speed, persistance, and positive spirit. I couldn't have lost to a more deserving knitter :-) Knit on my friend!

Mary de B

Wow, congratulations!


I found you through Nona, and I must say, that is quite a feat. Though, it does look like your little one is being attached by a jelly-fish blob in that last photo :)

Beth in Seattle

Congratulations, What an impressive display of sepped and skill!

Beth in Seattle

Congratulations, What an impressive display of speed and skill!




Congratulations! I fell off to Nona's speedy knitting in round 2. Your doilie/kid topper looks beautiful-I love the colours. I can't imagine how you managed to do it all while still finding time for tea/birthday party/pizza ... heck, life with 4 still at home. Hope you caught up on your sleep (without needles in hand) ;)


Congrats! I love all of the pictures....


Congratulation, beautiful knitted goodness

Wool Winder

Congratulations! Not only did you finish first, you did a great job on the knitting. I'm so impressed that you could knit something so involved and so large in just three days. It's beautiful! The pictures are really fun too.


Well done, I hope you will tell us how big it is when it is blocked. It is beautiful!


Congrats on your win. I love your colors. What yarn did you use?


Congrats! I love the kid topper! I'm going to mimic Sarah and ask what yarn you used. It's stunning! :)

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