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I think I have always wanted to knit or stich. If you could peek into my brain when I was born, a sticher would be in there. From the minute I learned how to knit I was making something for someone. Now with a great husband and 5 kids I have someone to knit for everyday of the week. Kathryn is my oldest she is 15 and crochets. Lindsay 12 is second and knits and cross stiches. Ian is soon to be 7 and is our middle child he wants to craft so bad he can taste it. Racheal is next to last and a busy busy 4. She wants to do everything mostly get under her older sisters and brother skin. Our last for now is Justin at 9 months he is the joy of our lives. We share our home with Roland the cat, a big black cat we adopted 5 years ago and is turning into a normal cat. Mr Stubbs is our Dashound. He also is adopted and a dog who will fetch till his brain falls out. We have traveled a good deal of our lives, moving from Michigan to Australia to Buffalo and now to El Paso Texas. Life is an adventure and I'm happy to share my point of view over knitting needles of course.


knitting, crochet, quilting, cross stitch,science fiction, cooking, family time